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Reflexology Assoc of Ohio and Reflexology Assoc of America.

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Who Is Charles Leath?

Charles is a Certified Reflexologist. He has worked on the feet all his life. His grandfathers taught him how to do it when he was small. And worked on family members and friends. It was something the family did to get well and stay well.

He received professional training and certification with the Modern Institute of Reflexology, in Denver Colorado.

He was taught by his grandfathers that everything begins in the feet. There are 'little imaginary wires' that hook every part of the body to the feet. He later found out that these little wires represent the Meridians, nerve endings and energy systems that connect the head, feet and hands to the whole body.

Charles lives in Springfield, Ohio, and has traveled extensively teaching workshops on reflexology and sharing sessions with clients at health conferences and centers. He teaches several times a year at Clark State Community College Continuing Education.

He is now more focused in the Springfield area and taking clients. Call 937.244.5711 to schedule an appointment. His office is located at the Lotus Center in Springfield, 4949 Urbana Road, Room #304.

Charles is a member of Reflexology Association of Ohio and the Reflexology Association of America.


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Charles Leath

Letter of Recommendation By Narinder K. Saini M.D.

Charles Leath
Certified Reflexologist

"Your feet can be the source of your well-being."

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