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Reflexology Assoc of Ohio and Reflexology Assoc of America.

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How Charles Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Charles has developed a way of working with your feet that addresses your health concerns. Different people have different ways of dealing with stress and tension. Charles realizes that and can adapt to your special case.

He can assist you in adding reflexology to your life so it will address the minor and major healing areas you have. The reflexology session will add to the power of other treatments you are already using in your health regimen. It compliments all traditional medical treatments, and can boost exercise or other natural things you are using.

Charles has your best interest in mind. If you have any questions, he is happy to discuss what a session is like and some of the areas you are concerned with.

Reflexology is a wonderful, natural approach to reviving the body’s own abilities to heal itself and assists the body in clearing toxins from it.

"Allow me to work with you, so you can reach your goals."


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Charles Leath

Letter of Recommendation By Narinder K. Saini M.D.

Charles Leath
Certified Reflexologist

"Your feet can be the source of your well-being."

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