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Feet First for Fibromyalgia
The Springfield Paper, November 2010


Spring Cleaning for the Body
The Springfield Paper, April, 2010


Keep Your Heart Healthy with Reflexology
The Springfield Paper, February, 2010


Your Feet Can Relieve Holiday Stress
The Springfield Paper, December 3, 2009


Breast Cancer and Reflexology
The Springfield Paper, November 4, 2009


Cold, the Flu and Toxins
The Springfield Paper, September 30, 2009


Planning Your Family's Wellness
The Springfield Paper, August, 2009


Medical Centers Endorse Reflexology
The Springfield Paper, August 5, 2009
According to major medical centers in the United States, reflexology is helpful for many conditions.

Jane Lanverman, Secretary of the Reflexology Association of Ohio, has compiled a list of Medical Centers in the United States that have researched and provided health claims for reflexology as witnessed in their respective centers.

A partial list includes:


Honoring Your Feet With Reflexology
The Springfield Paper, April 15, 2009

In ancient times, the feet were pampered because they were as important to humans as our cars are today. When a guest came to visit, a basin of water and scented oils were brought to cleanse and cool the feet. It was a loving and honoring gesture.

Over the years, we lost that love for our feet. It may have come by wearing closed shoes, and not having to walk long distances. Our feet need to be cared for and loved again. Read More...


Reflexology: A Natural Tension Tamer
The Springfield Paper, April 8, 2009
The high stress of today’s lifestyle creates the ‘fight or flight’ syndrome, originally used by ancient humans as a means of self preservation. The body responds with a burst of adrenalin into the blood stream when faced with traumatic situations. Since modern man does not utilize the adrenalin as a response to a threatening or dangerous situation, it gets stored in the tissues. Read More...



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