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Here are few testimonials shared by clients of Charles concerning the reflexology treatments they have received:

"Charles-- I want to offer thanks for your true gift of healing. Having struggled with a frozen shoulder for almost a year, the healing finally came after I had the reflexology session! Within three days no less! I am feeling a much better sense of well-being - even my sinus headaches have abated!"
Susan, Cincinnati, Ohio

"...thank you for such a great reflexology session...a first for me, I didn't know what to expect. Afterwards, I left 'unblocked' as if my stresses had been released - and it totally surprised me. Thank you for helping me return to a freedom flow, truly - thank you..."
Desiree, Cleveland, Ohio

"My oncologist...was very pleased with your work. He suggested that I continue with the foot and hand reflexology that you performed this Monday. You can quote me on that. Doctor was pleased with the lymph reduction in my arms and upper back."
Belle, Columbus, Ohio

"I want to tell you that since our session on Friday, I have not had the lower back pain that I usually have. I became aware of this last Saturday and was surprised by it. And, it still has not returned."
Laura, Cincinnati, Ohio


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